According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, what most people wish to change in their appearance is the color of their smile! An easy and guaranteed trick to help us gain confidence!

There certainly are some costly, and a bit dangerous for sensitive gums and teeth occupational treatments, enhanced mouthwashes, targeted kinds of toothpaste, and toothbrushes. But there are also some small and simple daily habits that, by the time you put them in your life, they promise to make your smile shine!

So let’s have a look!


Coffee! An integral and beloved part of our routine. A drink with several benefits for organisms, but a bit dangerous for our teeth. The consumption of 2-3 cups per day allows the prolonged contact of the dye coffee factors with our tooth enamel. Due to its porous nature, the enamel allows the formation of yellowing and stains on the surface of our teeth, in case we do not brush them regularly. It is not the quantity of coffee, but the way we consume it that affects our image. So what should we do? Let’s drink our favorite drink in a shorter period of time or use a straw if possible!

The above also applies to tea and red wine.


Cigarette! Tobacco chemicals attach to tooth enamel and interact with it, causing discoloration, yellowing, and many other oral ailments such as caries, gingivitis, and dry mouth. The more often you smoke, the more intense the yellowing of your teeth becomes. Take action!


The citrus fruits! Vitamin C is a first-line weapon of our organism against illness. However, the acid contained in oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruits, limes becomes destructive for our teeth. Corroding the enamel makes them stain more easily. What could we do about it? Let’s rinse our mouth with plenty of water immediately after consuming these fruits!


Energy drinks! Coca-Cola in all its various forms, sodas, energy beverages, and other carbonated refreshments affect our teeth in a similar way to citrus fruits (see above). Being quite acidic, they have a corrosive effect on the enamel of our teeth allowing them to get yellowish and lose their natural shine. If, though, you would like to consume an energy drink, enjoy it with a straw to protect your teeth.


Baking soda! Its applications are multiple and miraculous for house cleaning, but not for the cleaning of our teeth. Despite the fact that it has the ability to remove stains from their surface, it also damages their enamel. That means; in the long run, our teeth will no longer be so bright and shiny.


Mouthwashes! The ones that contain chlorhexidine in their composition cause staining of the teeth.

Fluoride! The percentage of it contained in our toothpaste and the water we use for brushing our teeth discolors the teeth and is also responsible for serious diseases and epidemics so that it is banned in most of the European countries!


The toothbrush! Doctors nowadays recommend soft toothbrushes, which clean the teeth without injuring the gums and wear out the tooth enamel. A hard toothbrush removes part of the enamel exposing the dentin of our teeth. Kalliston soft toothbrush from bamboo (biodegradable) has all the above characteristics and extra activated carbon fibers with whitening properties while brushing! Furthermore, we should renew our toothbrush every 3 months or as soon as we notice that its bristles look worn, bent, and damaged.


The brushing of the tongue! Not only does it give us fresh breath, but it also prevents the discoloration that the bacteria that accumulate on its surface cause to our teeth. With a soft toothbrush, we begin brushing from the back of our tongue and continue with circular movements forward. Do not forget to rinse the toothbrush frequently in order to remove bacteria trapped in its fibers.


The toothpaste! Frequent brushing with stressful hard movements and excessive pressure on teeth and gums, but also a toothpaste that includes abrasive agents in its composition, do not imply a healthier, but more of a wounded mouth. A black toothpaste with activated carbon (enhances the gloss of the enamel, whitens and detoxifies the oral cavity) and herbs (dittany and sage for antiseptic action and protection of gums) could lead to the natural whitening of our teeth without removing their protective shield, the enamel, and hurting our gums.

The dentist! We do not neglect to visit our doctor every 6 months for a check-up or to remove tartar, pigments, worn fillings, and tooth damage before it turns black and gets expanded. That way we prevent problems and keep our smile healthy and bright 🙂


Extra Tip: Wet your toothbrush a little bit and dip it in activated carbon powder. Brush your teeth with small and gentle circular moves for about 2 minutes. Rinse and brush again with plain water in order to remove residue.

Καλλυντικά για άνδρες

Activated carbon has the ability to absorb the tannins contained in beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, and cause stains in our teeth. It also prevents the formation of microbial membrane on them and protects against caries, stomatitis, gum disease, and bad breath, without the toxic chemicals contained in conventional teeth-whitening treatments.

In case of ingestion, there is absolutely no problem for our gastrointestinal system. On the contrary, activated carbon acts beneficially by binding the toxins on its way through our body until it is eliminated. For a refreshing mint flavor and better results apply twice a day!


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