Olive Gold 0.2

The Gold Liquid of mother nature, which is Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Organic farming, is able to offer you a glimpse of health on your skin, body, and face, which will make you shine in happiness.

The low acidity of the Olive Oil (0.2) in combination with the absence of chemicals (due to Organic Farming procedures) allow your skin and face to receive their “superfood” in a total and effective way.

The signs that you will notice on yourself after applying the “0.2 Gold” cosmetics include deep hydration of the skin, reduction of possible wrinkles, as well as prevention of the appearance of new ones, and protection from environmental pollution, cold wind, and dry atmosphere.

Being rich in Aloe Vera of Organic Farming, hyaluronic acid and herbal ingredients like avocado and ARGAN oil, Dittany, sage, chamomile, shea butter extract, mastic, pomegranate, seaweed, Centella and immortelle extracts and Vitamin E, “0.2 Gold” cosmetics are able to offer the skin the rejuvenation that we all desire.

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