Activated Carbon for Teeth Whitening 25gr. – KALLISTON

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It restores the natural whiteness of the teeth, removing discolorations & stains from their surface. It protects the enamel & detoxifies the oral cavity. 25gr.


Activated Carbon for Teeth Whitening 25gr.

Kalliston’s Activated Carbon helps to restore the natural whiteness of teeth by removing external stains from their surfaces. In addition, it strengthens their enamel and detoxifies the mouth, offering a bright smile. Calcium carbonate and silicon remove food and smoke residues. It has the ability to absorb the tannins contained in beverages such as coffee and tea that stain the teeth. Prevents the formation of a microbial film and protects against tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. Free of toxic chemical ingredients that conventional teeth whitening treatments contain.

Also Activated Carbon has the ability to protect the mouth from germs that cause tooth decay and other gum diseases. By regularly using activated charcoal, you can improve the health of your gums and protect your teeth from bad breath. It is a natural and safe option for those looking for a white and healthy smile without side effects.

USE: Wet your toothbrush a little and dip it in the Activated Carbon powder. Brush your teeth normally with gentle small circular movements for about 2 minutes. Then rinse and brush again with plain water to remove residue. It has a light, pleasantly tolerable taste and a light mint aroma. For best results, apply twice daily.

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