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Royal Jelly of Crete

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It’s been scientifically proven to be nature’s greatest superfood. It is known for its innumerable beneficial properties & its huge nutritional value. It fights a variety of diseases & illnesses, without side effects. 12gr

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AristonLab’s Royal Jelly is a Cretan product of our own production. It is the viscous whitish substance produced by young worker bees for the exclusive diet of their queen bee. The queen bee owes its size, fertility and longevity to the Royal Jelly.
It has been scientifically proven to be nature’s greatest superfood and is known for its innumerable beneficial properties and its huge nutritional value.
It is suitable for consumption by diabetics, as it has the ability to fight their problem. It strengthens body’s circulatory and immune system, promotes the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells thus fighting anemia, and treats diseases of the oral cavity and skin diseases, wounds, scars and acne due to its excellent healing and antiseptic properties.
It prevents dandruff by providing vitamins and nutrients to the scalp, strengthens the bones and joints, balances the hormones and offers fertility and health to the organism.
It reduces the wrinkles and signs of aging thanks to its collagen content. It lowers blood cholesterol levels, increases the endurance of athletes and afflicted organisms, strengthens premature babies helping them grow and strengthens memory, nervous system and brain functions preventing dementia in older people.
It even affects psychological conditions by reducing stress, anxiety, phobias, headaches and worries, and increases the good mood and appetite for food in cases of anorexia.
Royal Jelly is the best that nature has to offer, without side effects. It is available in a package of 12gr. It is stored in refrigerator (5οC). It should be protected from conditions that alter it, such as light, air and metal utensils.
USE: Recommended dose is up to half a gram per day. This equates to a teaspoon in the morning being fasting, and under the tongue until it dissolves. The teaspoon is of special size and is included in the package. Children can consume half a teaspoon a day, while athletes, patients and strained organisms can consume up to two teaspoons.

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