Mix for Tzatziki – 110gr.


The mixture for tzatziki by “AristonLab” contains garlic, dill & salt. Mix it with yogurt, add some pure olive oil & enjoy a healthy & refreshing dip in minimum time & with minimal ingredients.

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Mix for Tzatziki – 110gr.

The mix for tzatziki by FAZOS”AristonLab” family enables you to enjoy a homemade, refreshing, and healthy appetizer in less than 2 minutes with only 4 ingredients! Mix yogurt, cucumber, “AristonLab” olive oil, and “AristonLab” mix for tzatziki, and enjoy. The mixture contains garlic, dill, and salt. It is served as an appetizer with a Greek pita, and it is a perfect accompaniment to grilled meat.
INSTRUCTIONS: In 250gr yogurt add one grated and well-drained cucumber, a tablespoon of tzatziki mixture, a little vinegar, and as much olive oil as you like. For extra aroma, color, and flavor, some fresh, chopped dill would undoubtedly do. You can mix the content of the jar, minus the cucumber, with a soft and creamy cheese spread, adds some pepper or chili flakes and create a delicious dip for your vegetables, crackers and breadsticks.

Store in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight.
100% Greek Product.

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