Mix for Barbeque by AristonLab – 50gr.

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An excellent combination of spices & herbs (oregano, thyme, sweet chilly & salt), that promises to offer rich aroma & exquisite taste to grilled meat, with one move. 50gr
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The Mix for Barbeque by FAZOS “AristonLab” family promises to flavor your grilled meat with 4 ingredients only: Oregano, thyme, sweet chilly and salt. It is an excellent combination of spices and herbs, which will offer rich aroma and exquisite taste to your dish, with one move. The spiciness of thyme and oregano, which are authentic Cretan herbs, is combined with “AristonLab” seasonings, and mixed in the right proportions, so that they highlight the flavor of our pancetta, steaks, burgers, ribs, and poultry.
Add the BBQ Mixture by “AristonLab” in pure Cretan olive oil, and baste your grilled meat repeatedly during grilling. Alternatively, use the mixture in a wine or olive oil marinade, and let your meat stay in the fridge for a few hours, or from the night before, before placing it on the grill.
100% natural, Greek product, without chemical additives. 50gr.

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