Balsamic Vinegar by AristonLab – 250ml

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Balsamic Vinegar by FAZOS “AristonLab” family, to spice up your gastronomic creations in a natural & sophisticated way. 250ml
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Balsamic vinegar of excellent quality by FAZOS family, “AristonLab”, to spice up and give character to your gastronomic creations. It is produced from red grapes, not white, which offer it a high nutritional value. After all, the word “balsamic” comes from the Greek language, and has the meaning of “healing”! Rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, it protects the heart and the brain. It prevents diabetes, strengthens the immune system, enhances the absorption of calcium from the bones, and has a strong antioxidant effect against the action of the free radicals, which accelerate the body cells’ aging.
Try it in salads, marinades, vegetables, but also in sauces for cooked food, such as chicken, fish, beef, risotto and a variety of pasta dishes. Its combination with fruits, such as pears, peaches and strawberries, will be a pleasant surprise, while it has the ability to enhance the flavor and intensity of various types of cheese, such as feta and ricotta.
Store in a cool place. Store away from the sun.
100% Greek Product. 250ml

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