Olives with Sea Salt by AristonLab – 250gr.


Selected large olives with sea salt by FAZOS “AristonLab” family, with amazing taste, fleshy body & premium quality.


Olives with Sea Salt by AristonLab – 250gr.
The exquisite, fleshy olives in brine with sea salt by FAZOS “AristonLab” family promise to impress you and your guests. Their name comes from their wrinkled appearance. Their color varies from chocolate to black and their taste is rich and slightly bitter. They are consumed as they are, but also accompany each of our meals. They can be a healthy snack in combination with a few crackers and a soft cheese spread. They enrich a beautiful Cretan evening meeting with loved ones, accompanied by feta cheese with pure olive oil and oregano, and a carafe of cool raki, wine, ouzo, or beer. They go well with pizza, olive bread, in salads, on bruschettas, and next to crackers, breadsticks and rusks on the plate that we will offer to our friends with cherry tomatoes, olives, cucumber, carrot and a variety of different types of cheese. Their presence next to or on top of the famous “koukouvaia” (barley rusk with fresh olive oil, grated tomato, feta cheese and freshly grated oregano) is not to miss. Furthermore, they do not lack culinary possibilities, since they enhance the taste of pasta dishes with red sauce and seafood.
They are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, nutrients and vitamin E. They prevent distortions of the body’s cells and keep away premature aging and various degenerative diseases.
After the package is opened, it should ideally be stored in the fridge. For even better preservation, transfer the olives to a covered container, and pour olive oil over it.
100% Greek Product. 250gr

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