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It is a common phenomenon for our hair to end up less healthy in the summer, compared to its condition during the rest of the year.

Which steps should we take to enhance its appearance and glow? Which products will be our allies in preserving itshealth?


1. Wet your hair before swimming.

Dry hair absorbs more salt and chlorine while swimming in the pool or sea. By wetting it under running water without the use of shampoo, you naturally protect it. It would also be beneficial to rinse it after swimming, so that salt and chemicals removed from your hair and scalp.


2. Make the most of natural oils.

Apply a natural oil on your hair before heading to the beach. Its moisture is locked and the negative effects of salt, chlorine and dry air are that way reduced. Nourishing oils can provide maximum protection and offer your hair a deep care treatment!


3. Apply sun protection SPF products.

UV solar radiation is harmful, not only to our complexion, but also to the hair and scalp. Choose sunscreen products in the form of spray, gel or oil, and proceed with your hairstyle, after applying them! A stylish kerchief or an elegant hat, could enhance your sun protection. Do not forget to treat your hair often with a sunscreen spray during your stay at the beach. This will prevent hair dryness, dehydration of your scalp, fading of hair color, weak ends, rough texture and lack of shine.


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4. Adopt an easy-to-comb cup.

With the help of your hairdresser, choose a hairstyle that suits your natural hair condition. You will this way avoid its special treatment with “heavy” techniques. Elegant hair accessories and a light shapping with the right styling products will make your hair look well-groomed and healthful!



5. Select the appropriate hair dye shade.

Increased exposure to sunlight, sea water, pool water and frequent shampooing have been shown to cause hair discoloration. To avoid a dull and damaged look, choose a hair dye two tones darker than the one that you usually prefer to apply.



6. Remove the sulfates

In order not to intensify the dryness of your hair and scalp, choose herbal shampoos, that provide it with nourishment and reconstruction.



7. Install a water filter in your shower.

“Hard” water burdens the hair with metal deposits, which deprive it of its shine, making it look dull. A water filter would help!



8. Avoid hot water.

To prevent dryness of the hair and scalp, prefer to rinse your shampoo, mask or conditioner with cool water, which adds points of shine and health to the hair!



9. Prefer a comb with sparse teeth.

Both the sea breeze and a visit to the beach, cause knots and tangles in our hair. In order to avoid breaking the hair, we could choose a comb with a wide teeth arrangement.



10. Reduce the use of hair dryer and hair straightener.

Frequent use of both intensify the dryness of the hair and scalp, causing dehydration. Choose light and natural styling products, interesting hair accessories and elegant kerchiefs, to offer your hair some rest together with a well-groomed look and glow of health!

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