Hair Toning & Strengthening Lotion 100ml – OlivAloe

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Its beneficial ingredients provide effective treatment against hair loss & rejuvenation of damaged hair & scalp. The difference is immediately visible. 100ml

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OlivAloe’s Hair Toning & Strengthening Lotion is rich in laurel, rosemary and nettle oil. Its ingredients are 99.4% natural. It offers volume to the hair, and effectively stimulates the hair and the scalp combating hair loss.

Laurel oil offers toning and antiseptic protection to the hair follicles, preventing the growth of harmful microorganisms on scalp, thus preventing hair loss. It cures any irritations and skin diseases. It activates the mechanisms of hair renewal and has emollient properties offering a silky feeling. It is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin A & E, which make it ideal for hair’s strengthening. It treats the hair breakage and damage repairing the effects of high temperatures, constant dyeing and daily discomfort. Finally, it darkens the hair offering a glow of health.

Rosemary reduces excess hair oil. It fights the causes that make hair look dull, enhancing its healthy growth. It effectively eliminates dandruff by removing toxins that accumulate on the scalp, it fights fungal infections and irritations, and stimulates the action of melanocytes, thus drastically reducing the appearance of gray hair. It has a strong antioxidant effect maintaining the youth of the hair, and, finally, acts as a natural conditioner offering velvety and healthful hair. Nettle oil helps hair grow faster and gain strength and volume. 100ml.

USE: Spray near the roots of the hair to the ends, gently massaging with your palms, so that the product is spread evenly. For best results in healing damaged hair, apply 2 times a day. With the help of Kalliston’s Hair Strengthening Lotion, burnt and dehydrated hair will not frizz when using a hair dryer or hair press.
Take advantage of the beneficial properties of Strengthening Lotion’s herbal oils by applying a small amount on the lashes and eyebrows, helping them strengthen, thicken and lengthen.

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