It is a secret proud to be revealed; Crete’s greatest treasure is in its cuisine. As Homer said, Olive Oil – the natural juice of the olive – is the golden liquid of Crete.


The Cretans have been cultivating olive trees for more than 4,000 years passing the technique from generation to generation. So it is absolutely true that the olive trees of Crete are monuments of nature. They’ve been thriving for thousands of years and they are still bearing fruit. So are the olive trees of our family’s olive groves.


Without organic solvents nor chemical processing methods, we extract the golden drops just by simple pressing.


The integral element, together with the simplicity and harmony of Cretan Gastronomy, is, of course, the olive oil. Salads, starters, main dishes, even Crete’s desserts are not with the use of butter, but most of the time with the use of olive oil prepared. And as you may already know from international medical studies, olive oil is a real shield for our health.


So, there is nothing to lose by trying our family’s, “Ariston” (meaning “excellent” in Greek) Extra Virgin Olive Oil. No doubt!


“Ariston” olive oil is not to be found in the supermarkets. You can contact us directly at, as well as Facebook and Instagram.

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