Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0,3 Glass 500ml -AristonLab

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Without organic solvents nor chemical processing methods, we extract the golden drops by simple pressing. Its low acidity and distinct flavor make ”Ariston” (”excellent” in Greek) one of the finest olive oils available. 500ml


ARISTON, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0,3 by Fazos family – 500ml Glass

AristonLab Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a high quality product. It is produced in Crete, specifically in the picturesque village of Prina, N. Lasithi. It has low acidity, which makes it ideal for immediate consumption or for cooking.

For its preparation, we use the cold pressing method, which ensures the preservation of the natural flavors and aromas of the olive oil. It is rich in phenols, which protect the body’s cells from oxidation and premature aging. In addition, it contains many beneficial properties for health.

This extra virgin olive oil is produced by the Fazos family with passion and love. Its purpose is to introduce you to the taste of Crete. It is a product that offers a unique culinary experience, revealing the authentic taste of the region.

To preserve the freshness and quality of the olive oil, it is recommended to store it in a cool place and away from the sun. With proper storage, you can enjoy the original taste and benefits of this product for a longer time.

In conclusion, this virgin olive oil from Crete is an excellent choice to upgrade your meals and enjoy its beneficial properties. Indulge in the quality and tradition of the FAZOS family and discover the unique taste of Cretan nature on your plate. Above all, it keeps us healthy.

100% Greek Product.

See here the entire collection of AristonLab Cretan products of superior quality, of our own production!
Learn more about the pure virgin olive oil of Crete, here!

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