Bowl made of Cretan Olive Wood 8cm.


Bowl made of original CretanOliveWood It is made by hand. Available in different sizes.

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Bowl made of excellent quality Cretan olive wood. It is made by hand. Each piece is unique. Due to the high density of the wood, it does not scratch nor retain odors or stains. In addition, it is antibacterial. It is suitable for multiple uses, including its use as a cookware. It is a very special utensil,that gives elegance, style and luxury to your space. It is easily washed with water and soap.

Available in the following sizes: 4cm ( 5.50) – 6cm ( 7.50) – 8cm ( 10.50) – 10cm ( 14.50) – 12cm ( 21.00) – 14cm ( 27.00) 16cm (34,50) – 18cm (57,00) – 20cm (87,00) – 24cm (126,00) – 28cm (171,00) – 31+cm (209,00)

In our store you will find a large variety of special kitchen utensils made of genuine Cretan olive wood.

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