Spatula made by Cretan Olive Wood 30cm.


With a wide surface, suitable for use at high cooking temperatures. Ideal for non-stick cookware. It is easy to wash & does not absorb bacteria. 32cm

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Spatula made by Cretan Olive Wood 30cm.

Spatula with a wide surface made by hand of excellent quality Cretan olive wood. Each piece is unique. It is suitable for use at the high temperatures of cooking and sautéing food, but also for serving savory & sweet preparations. It is ideal for non-stick and ceramic utensils. It is practical and very durable. Due to the properties and the high density of the olive wood, it does not scratch or retain germs, odors and stains. It is easily washed with water and soap. It offers elegance and style to the kitchen, makes a good impression to guests and puts us in mood to cook deliciously and creatively. Size: 30cm.

* In our store you will find a variety of utensils made of original Cretan olive wood of top quality.

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