Prina is located north of Agios Nikolaos (24 kilometers away) and Istron, with its beaches and turquoise bays, is not far away. The village of Prina is surrounded by forests of pine trees and fields of olive trees and lies at the foot of a small hill on which stands the Timios Stavros church. It is a small traditional village with narrow streets.

Honey is an excellent source of health for our organism and one of the strongest fuels for our body. The myths surrounding honey are innumerable. Some call it the elixir of life and the cure for many diseases.


Below you can find some of Honey’s characteristics.
  1. Honey sugars are simple, they are absorbed instantly, so honey is a quick source of energy for the body, thus suitable for athletes, children, pregnant women, sickness and any suffering organisms.
  2. Honey has minerals known as trace elements, which play an important role in metabolism and nutrition, they are components of the skeleton and cells, participate in various enzymatic systems and, finally, they regulate stomach acidity.
  3. Honey has antiseptic properties, it is tonic, it increases heart rate, reduces stomach ulcer problems and generally contributes to the good functioning of the human body.
  4. Concentrating vitamins help absorb sugar.
  5. Consuming honey helps in restoring health faster in cases of anemia due to the iron it contains.


Prina honey is a local product, consisting of thyme and pine honey. It can be purchased online at or from the AristonLab store, at Agios Nikolaos Square in Crete, 4 Sophocles Venizelou Street.

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