Facial cleansing is the first and most important step of our personal care, which we should follow consistently every day!


There is a large percentage of us believing that if we have completed our evening face cleansing, then the morning cleansing is unnecessary. Many believe that just a little rinsing of the face with cool water in the morning is more than enough. However, cleansing our skin in the morning is critical to its health, since the body’s toxins are eliminated during nighttime sleep.


Both in the morning and at night, face cleansing is essential, as our skin remains fresh and clean, ready to accept and absorb any nourishing, caring, and regeneration product we offer it.


ATTENTION! A basic secret that we should keep with grace is the following: Frequent cleansing with very active products removes skin’s natural barrier, and disrupts the natural microbiome and acidity (pH) of the dermis. A light and balanced cleansing is exactly what our face needs as soon as we wake up.


Exfoliating cleansers may deeply cleanse the epidermis, but many times they injure it, or leave it exposed to germs, irritations and environmental pollutants. What we are looking for in our morning face care is a light cleanser with ingredients that strengthen the epidermal barrier, so that it repels the discomfort our skin undergoes during the day. For night cleansing, we would ideally prefer a cosmetic face soap (in solid or liquid form, foam or gel form) with a stronger formulation that deeply removes dirt, make-up, sebum and greasiness. After this basic step, we can proceed to the next one, which is the application of a boosting serum and our hydrating-regenerating face cream.


IMPORTANT: In case your skin is characterized by oiliness and/or is prone to acne, you could look for facial cleansers with antiseptic action, that more effectively remove blackheads, and protect the skin from fungal infections and irritations. If you wish to reduce the fine lines, look for cleansers with a regenerative formulation that reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture. If you wish to combat the action of free radicals, look for cleansers with a strong antioxidant effect.


IN CONCLUSION, environmental pollutants, dead skin cells, sebum, greasiness, toxins, stress and fatigue of everyday life create an unfavorable and suffocating environment for our dermis, that prevents it from breathing freely and performing its natural functions. Cleansing allows it to breathe again, removing everything foreign and harmful to it. We apply cleansing to our face, neck and chest. We follow the right steps to benefit our skin and offer ourselves a glowing, youthful and healthy skin.


REMEMBER: Facial cleansing is the best anti-aging secret!

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