First impression matters. It’s a fact. The skin of our face is absolutely part of the first impression that reveals our health secrets and every day habits. Don’t you agree that an upgrade in our skincare routine is worth it?!

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Essential Skincare Product # 1, CLEANSER. Use it twice per day, morning and night. The night time wash is especially important. It removes sweat, oil, make-up and environmental pollutants that your skin has picked up throughout the day.



Aloe+Colors Facial Cleansing GelThe combined action of mild surfactants, provitamin B5, propolis, chamomile and organic aloe offers deep cleansing, hydration and silkiness to your epidermis without irritating your face or neck, even in case you have a very sensitive or acne-prone complexion!

Deep Cleansing Liquid SoapDue to organic Olive Oil, organic Aloe Vera, provitamin B5 and cotton seeds extract, it cleanses your skin deeply, removing smegma and make-up residues, soothing any irritations and calming your skin.

Micellar true Cleanser 3 in1 Face, Eyes & Lips – Easily removes impurities and make-up, leaving skin clean and soft without irritations. Εnriched with olive leaf and pomegranate extracts and provitamin B5 (panthenol) for extra care and toning effect.


Aloe+Colors Facial Cleansing Gel

Deep Cleansing Liquid Soap

Micellar True Cleanser 3 in1 Face, Eyes & Lips











Essential Skincare Product # 2, TONER. It helps remove any left-over dirt, debris, makeup and residue that the cleanser misses. It also prepares your skin to absorb effectively any other skincare products, while balancing its pH level. Apply the toner right after cleansing your skin sweeping over with a well-soaked cotton pad.



Tonic Lotion – Organic olive oil, organic aloe, provitamin B5 together with mallow, euphrasia, sage and purple orchid extracts guarantee to stimulate and revive your face, tighten dilated pores and give your skin a splendid sense of freshness and well-being.


Tonic Lotion


Essential Skincare Product # 3, MOISTURIZER. A step that you definitely shouldn’t skip. Moisturizer is the one that meets your skin’s needs and nourishes it. It acts like a protective barrier that locks in hydration and helps maintain a youthful and healthful appearance by preventing from aging signs and irritations.



Aloe+Colors 24hours Moisturizing Face CreamBroad-spectrum 4D Hyaluronic acid acts simultaneously on all 3 basic layers of epidermis helping in the synthesis of Hyaluronic acid and elastin, reducing wrinkles by up to 70% in just 14 days. It regulates oiliness and sebum production. It has an immediate moisturizing effect.

Aloe+Colors Lifting “Botox Effect” Face CreamBroad-spectrum 4D hyaluronic acid acts simultaneously on all 3 basic layers of skin releasing active peptides, boosting hyaluronic acid and elastin production, and creating a protective film on epidermis that maintains the natural moisture levels. Immediate lifting is achieved from the first hour and long-term improvement of skin’s texture is to be noticed.

Aloe+Colors Well Aging Anti-Wrinkle Face CreamIt achieves immediate hydration and anti-wrinkle action as it has the ability to prevent the formation of new wrinkles while reducing up to 70% of the existing ones. 4D Hyaluronic acid and a combination of peptides, polyphenols and quinoa (or “Peruvian gold”, reducing the depth of wrinkles by 30%, the goose foot by 60% and improving skin texture by 65%) activates the production of collagen improving the texture and elasticity of complexion.

Anti-wrinkle & Nourishing Night CreamIts unique combination of amino-acids and royal jelly, organic aloe, organic olive oil and vitamin E acts as powerful antioxidants against free radicals responsible for tissue aging. At the same time Hydrolysed milk proteins maintain skin’s elasticity and health.








Essential Skincare Product # 4, EXFOLIANT. Its mission is to remove dead skin cells revealing a brighter, smoother, healthier complexion.



Aloe+Colors Blue Lagoon Face Sorbet Scrub & Aloe+Colors Apple Martini Face Sorbet Scrub – Their complex of vitamins and high content in organic aloe are absorbed by the deeper layers of skin boosting the production of collagen and the regeneration of epidermis, soothing any irritations and protecting the precious hydrolipid film of your skin offering it deep hydration, youthfulness and elasticity. Mastic extract is rich in polyphenols, those powerful antioxidants that hinder the aging process.

Face Peeling for all Skin Types – Natural peeling with olive grains and bamboo granules, natural oils and pomegranate extract, for hydration and antioxidant protection.


Blue Lagoon Face Sorbet Scrub

Apple Martini Face Sorbet Scrub

Face Peeling for all Skin Types









Essential Skincare Product # 5, FACE MASK. An effective way to nourish your skin with a dose of highly concentrated ingredients. The consistent use of your face mask will turn out to become a powerful treatment that will keep your skin clear, balanced and healthy. Apply on a bi-weekly basis, and be sure to exfoliate (or at least thoroughly cleanse) beforehand to boost absorption.



Hydra-active Face Mask for Dry SkinRich in butters and oils that nourish and hydrate the skin, while hyaluronic acid and vitamin E offer extra nourishment to dry skin.

Face mask for Deep Cleansing and RejuvenationWith green clay and organic olive, organic aloe, chamomile, ivy, and green tea extracts, it cleanses in depth, removes excess sebum, tightens the pores, revitalizes the skin, leaving it soft and radiant.

Hydrating, Firming & Pore Minimising Face MaskWith organic olive oil, organic aloe, grape seed and avocado oil, panthenol, lemon & grapefruit essential oils, ivy and centella asiatica extracts, it offers intense hydration, toning and rejuvenation to the skin, improving its elasticity and minimizing pores. Smoothes wrinkles and soothes the skin.


Face Mask for Deep Cleansing & Rejuvenation

Hydra-active Face Mask for Dry Skin

Hydrating, Firming & Pore Minimising Face Mask










Essential Skincare Product # 6, SERUM. A strategic fast-absorbing, lightweight and liquid formula chock-full of active ingredients that nourishes and rejuvenates your skin. Serums stimulate collagen production, encourage cells’ regeneration, assist with the fading of fine lines and deliver active ingredients deep into your skin resulting in a long-term behind-the-scenes maintenance, which means brighter and healthier total look. Press your serum into your skin after cleansing or toning. Allow to fully absorb before applying moisturizer.



Aloe+Colors Aloe Vera Hyaluronic Acid Regenerating Face SerumWith 93% Organic Aloe in its content, Aloe+Colors Face Serum guarantees to nourish and rejuvenate your skin, boosting your self-confidence and beauty! Increasing the production of collagen, Aloe Serum tones your skin and restores its damaged cells in deeper levels. Furthermore, it moisturizes your epidermis and has the ability to soothe any irritations and redness. Mastic extract is extremely rich in polyphenols; those strong antioxidants that act against free radicals and the natural aging process.

Aloe+Colors Well Aging Anti-wrinkle Face & Eyes SerumNot only prevents the formation of wrinkles but also reduces up to 70% of the existing ones. Thanks to its light texture, it is quickly absorbed offering your skin immediate hydration and activating the production of collagen.

Aloe+Colors Lifting “Botox Effect” Face SerumThin textured and quickly absorbed, it enhances the action of your face cream bringing an immediate anti-wrinkle effect. The results are obvious from the very first hour. Existing wrinkles are reduced by up to 70%, skin’s elasticity is improved by up to 10% and your epidermis turns more radiant + 155%.

Anti-age Face & Neck SerumOrganic Olive Oil and green tea extract protect your skin from oxidative stress and free radicals. Hyaluronic sodium, specialized biosaccharide and organic Aloe Vera prevent the loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid, ensuring cellular hydration and offering a healthy glow to your skin. Calcium and basic amino-acids combination restores main cell function, helping your skin regain its density, elasticity and firmness.








Essential Skincare Product # 7, BLEMISH TREATMENT An efficient blemish control requires both attack and defense. Existing blemishes need to be healed and future breakouts need to be prevented. We achieve that thanks to natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic formulas that we should use topically as soon as a blemish is about to arise.



Face Cream for Sensitive & Irritated skin with AcneOrganic Olive Oil, organic aloe, beeswax, propolis tincture, almond, chamomile, calendula oil, vitamin E, Saint John’s Wort Oil and lavender essential oil, offer deep hydration, protection from free radicals, healing relief and soothing for sensitive and irritated skin, including the one with acne.

Whitening Face Cream for Dark Spots & Blemishes SPF20Cream’s combination of herbal active ingredients and extracts suspend skin’s melanin production reducing dark spots and blemishes and improving its brightness by gently removing dead cells. That way your skin gradually acquires a radiant and youthful look.


Face Cream for Sensitive & Irritated Skin with Acne

Whitening Face Cream for Dark Spots & Blemishes










Essential Skincare Product # 8, OIL. A blend of pure and natural facial and body oils offer multiple benefits for the skin, alongside a hefty dose of guaranteed hydration, leaving your skin soft, glowing, full of health!



Multi-purpose Dry Oil 3 in1, for Face, Hair & Body Argan, avocado, jojoba and almond oil offer your hair and skin the essential lipids and vitamins that make it shine from health and beauty.

Silky Dry Oil for Hair & BodyEasily absorbed, it leaves a unique, silky after feel. Due to sweet almond, olive, avocado and grape oils & vitamin E, it has the ability to hydrate, nourish and protect the hair and body skin.

Silky Body Oil – Thanks to organic olive oil, almond oil, Jojoba oil & vitamin E, it nourishes and softens the skin providing antioxidant protection, hydration, silky texture and elasticity.

Relaxing Massage Oil –  Organic olive oil, calendula and almond oil soothe and soften the skin, leaving a sensation of relaxation and rest, as well as a pleasant aroma.



Essential Skincare Product # 9, SUN PROTECTION. UVA rays cause skin damage that leads to tanning, skin aging and wrinkles. UVB rays cause sunburn and play a key role in developing skin cancer. Need more to be convinced?! Take action!



Face Sunscreen SPF30 with organic ingredientsProtects against UVA & UVB radiation up to 30 times more than the natural protection of the skin, and moisturizes at the same time without leaving oiliness.

Sun-care Balm with Cocoa Butter & SPF15With beeswax for nourishment and hydration of dehydrated areas of lips, plus antioxidant properties for fresh & youthful lips!

Whitening Face Cream for Dark Spots & Blemishes SPF 20See the description above! A 2 in 1 product! Nourishment, brightness and protection at the same time, throughout our day!



EXTRA TOP TIP! FACIAL MASSAGE! Take time to massage your products at each step. Facial massage tones facial muscles, relives tension, reduces toxins, smooths out fine lines, improves product absorption and offers you relaxation. A natural facelift that gives you an overall lifted, more contoured look and makes you feel younger!

In case you are wondering what the right skincare routine order is; Cleanser Exfoliate Mask Toner Serum Moisturizer!

…Let’s shine!

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