Aloe+Colors Well Aging Anti-wrinkle Face Cream – 50ml

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   Aloe+Colors Well Aging Anti-wrinkle Face Cream can achieve immediate hydration and anti-wrinkle action on your skin, obvious right from the very first hour. It has the ability to prevent the formation of new wrinkles while reducing up to 70% of the existing ones.

   Its innovative composition that combines organic aloe with active ingredients, 4D hyaluronic acid and a combination of peptides, polyphenols and quinoa activates the production of collagen improving the texture and elasticity of complexion, soothing any irritations and redness.

   It is suitable for all skin types

   The innovation: Broad-spectrum 4D hyaluronic acid acts simultaneously on all 3 basic layers of skin. Hyalufiller Drone and Myocept Drone, ingredients of new philosophy, consist of microspheres that are directed to the area of skin chosen, releasing active peptides and achieving immediate and targeted action.

-Peptides, tetrapeptides, heptapeptides and algae extract: help in the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and elastin. They reduce wrinkles by up to 70% in just 14 days.
-Polyphenols: offer anti-aging protection improving the texture and health of skin.
-Bio Aloe: soothes, moisturizes and regenerates irritated skin.
-Beautypol molecules of hyaluronic acid: smooth wrinkles while creating a protective shield against air pollution on your skin.

-Quinoa: or “Peruvian gold”, reduces the depth of wrinkles by 30%, the goose foot by 60% and improves skin texture by 65%.

   Usage: Apply a small amount on clean skin and gently massage until completely absorbed. For even better results do not forget to apply the corresponding Well Aging Anti-Wrinkle Face Serum first!

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