Summer is here, the temperature has risen and our clothes are getting lighter and lighter. Now that eyes meet our body almost every day, skin care is essential! The product that we should absolutely not part with throughout the summer is no other than our sunscreen. Our toiletry kit should definitely include sunscreen for the face, the body, but also for our hair. Its presence is necessary every day of the year, but it becomes especially necessary during summer. Thus, we not only protect ourselves from sunburn, but also avoid premature aging of our skin.


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We choose our sunscreen according to our skin type. The higher or lower SPF and sunscreen’s form (lotion or spray) depend on how resistant our skin to solar radiation is, but also on what proves to be more functional for us. Sunscreens in a spray form are easy to wear, they are cooling, they do not require time for their application, and they are immediately absorbed. They are almost invisible, as they do not make the skin oily, and they are easily renewed when necessary. Sunscreens in a lotion or body milk form create a film on our skin, protecting it more effectively from the harmful effects of the sun rays. Their protection lasts longer, so we are almost carefree allowed to enjoy bathing, walking and playing in the sun. In addition, they provide deeper hydration to our skin.


High ambient temperatures, sea salt and swimming pool chlorine tend to dehydrate the dermis. A sunscreen rich in vitamins and moisturizing elements can nourish the skin, restoring its shine and contributing to its correct and even tan, which will last longer.

Apart from our skin, our hair also needs careful care. The sun can dehydrate and damage the hair. A hair sunscreen could prevent the damage and preserve hair’s color and glow. Choose the SPF and the form you prefer (oil or spray), and in case you have dyed hair, choose sunscreen products that protect against fading and keep the hair color unchanged and bright.


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We, sure enough, should emphasize the protection of our skin with sunscreen products during our exposure to the sun, but we should always end up with its immediate hydration. We would never wish to find our skin looking dull, tired and damaged. The well-known “after sun” products, offer immediate relief, and a wonderful feeling of freshness! They can be found in a gel, lotion or spray form. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, their purpose is to immediately rejuvenate, soothe and regenerate skin cells and prevent photoaging. Both for face and body, the use of after-sun products is considered necessary to moisturize the dermis after exposure to the sun, even if we do not have a sunburn.


!!Sun Kissed Beach Bag!!


   Aloe+Colors has created the most exciting after-sun set by combining juicy banana with delicious praline! The aromatic Body Mist (spray for face, body & hair) immediately hydrates and restores the balance that our skin and hair need. With organic aloe vera and a unique cocktail of vitamins, it perfumes and moisturizes the dermis. It is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin smooth and soft. The new SUN Kissed Cooling Spray and SUN Kissed Sorbet Gel with organic aloe vera, calendula, chamomile, mint, and cucumber extracts effectively revive the skin. They are instantly absorbed and provide relief after severe dryness, redness, or extended exposure to the sun. It is suitable for the whole family.

   As beach style is not possible without a beach bag, we offer you this summer’s ultimate beach bag as a gift! Let your body be Sun Kissed!!


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