Yin and Yang Wooden Appetizer Bowl


Present something special with it, such as a special sauce or a rare type of cheese. Olive wood is easy to wash & is antibacterial. It does not scratch & does not retain odors. Its presence gives elegance & finesse to your place.

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Yin and Yang Wooden Appetizer Bowl

A beautiful handmade Yin and Yang shaped bowl, created with love and skill. It is made of high quality Cretan olive wood, giving it a sense of natural beauty that will catch the eye.

This Yin and Yang shaped bowl is a practical and durable object that will accompany your space with uniqueness. It can be used as a food container for serving nuts, olives and many other uses. In addition, due to its antibacterial properties, no odors or stains will remain. It can be easily cleaned with soap and water, maintaining its original shine.

It can also accommodate jewelry, small objects of our daily life, keys, buttons and other items that we always want to have within reach.

Get this unique pot and add an air of natural beauty and functionality to your space. Offer as a gift to your loved ones, they will appreciate its authenticity and uniqueness.

Dimensions: YNY 01 11 x 18 cm
*In our store you will find many more special utensils made of top quality genuine Cretan olive wood.

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