Wooden “Tree of Life” – 19.5cm.

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Carved decorative art in various dimensions. It symbolizes the stability we humans need, so that we can develop all the potential of our personality & evolve continuously in all aspects of our life.


Wooden, carved “Tree of Life” in various dimensions, so that you can choose the one that suits you. As its branches reach high into the sky and its roots reach deep into the ground, it reminds us of our relationship and interdependence with Mother Nature, but also the spiritual world we need in order to have all the aspects of our personality full and complete.
The “Tree of Life” also symbolizes the concept of rebirth. As autumn approaches, the trees drop their leaves and get bare. Upon the arrival of spring, buds and blossoms sprout and new fruits come to life. So does man, he goes through difficult and dark periods in life, but light and creativity tend to return back. The symbolism of the “Tree of Life” therefore refers to new beginnings and positive energy. It represents our personal growth and uniqueness. As its branches grow heavenward and become stronger, so we grow stronger, more resilient, and wiser. Day by day we stand and fight with new experiences in our quiver, with more knowledge and more capacity in the face of life’s demands. The “Tree of Life” is an original decorative element, that will steal the show.

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