Scented Soy Candle “Pure Serenity” by Aloe+Colors – 220gr.

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Create a warm & sweet atmosphere at your space with the new Aromatic Soy Candles “Pure Serenity” by Aloe+Colors, with a wonderful magnolia scent!

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Aloe+Colors has created brand-new scented candles, that improve our mood efficiently and ecologically! The new air freshener candle “Pure Serenity” by Aloe+Colors takes us on a journey with its wonderful magnolia scent!
Made of soybean oil, this candle is plant-based, natural, biodegradable, and friendly to the environment, as well as to humans. It burns in a non-toxic way since it does not contain petroleum products in its composition. It has a significantly longer lifespan than ordinary commercial candles (by about 50%!), as it melts at a slow pace. Its scent spreads evenly throughout the room, as its herbal composition blends perfectly with its fragrances. That is the reason it produces a better quality fragrance, even when it’s off! Use it as a room decoration ’til it’s time to light it up and offer your space a special atmosphere. The soy candle burns evenly to the end. That way, you don’t have to throw away part of the product you bought. The candle container is easily cleaned with warm water and dishwashing liquid, so you can keep it for alternate use! The buttery texture of soy candle is easily removed from surfaces, as it does not “freeze” immediately, so you don’t have to worry about staining a surface forever. Finally, it is a renewable source of energy, as it does not run out, like oil resources, but continues to exist as long as the soybean plant is cultivated, offering work to many families at the same time!
CAUTION: Do not place flammable materials near your candle or leave it unattended! Protect your candle from air streams. Place it on a heat-resistant surface. Its wick should not exceed half a centimeter. If its flame is too high, it would be better to extinguish it for safety reasons. Finally, it is advisable not to let pets and children play nearby, as there is always the risk of physical harm and fire.
100% Greek Product

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