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100% vegetable sponge, cultivated continuously from Ancient Egypt to the present day. It ensures perfect exfoliation on the skin & it is the most effective ally against cellulite. 20cm


KALLISTON’s Natural Loofah Sponge is an ecological and biodegradable sponge of plant origin, ideal for the effective exfoliation of the skin and for the fight against cellulite. It removes the dead cells from the surface of the epidermis and helps in good blood circulation. It fights cellulite due to hyperemia and prepares the skin to accept and absorb our cosmetic products to the maximum extent.

Loofah Sponge leaves the skin clean, smooth and radiant. It softens the elbows, heels, ankles and knees. It can even help reduce acne on the back or the face. It provides an excellent homeade, chemical-free exfoliation. 20cm.

USE: Spread your bubble bath on the loofah, just like any other common sponge. Wet with water and rub your skin lightly starting from the neck and chest to the rest of the body, with gentle circular movements. You can also use the loofah on the face with even lighter movements, as the skin of the face is more sensitive than that of the body.

IMPORTANT: Rinse the loofah well and hang it to completely get dry after each use. This will prevent the growth of bacteria. You can occasionally boil your loofah for a few minutes or put it in the washing machine with your towels to kill any bacteria that may grow.

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