Winter’s weather conditions affect our bodies in a different way than the summer ones. So, we need intensive daily skincare.

First of all, choose the proper clothing. Comfortable and cotton fabric clothes help us avoid layering that overheats our body.

Right next, take good care of your adequate hydration. Drink plenty of water (recommended dose 8 glasses per day, depending on the needs of your organism), to prevent the dryness of your skin, to enhance its elasticity, and also eliminate toxins from your body. Healthy juices and tea from the purest herbs of Cretan land are also your allies in this!

Cretan Thyme Honey, Family Production

Dittany of Crete










Take a short and warm shower. Avoid hot water for long periods as it brings the exact opposite effect, intensifying the dryness of your skin. Choose a light-and-soft-composition shower gel, in order to achieve a healthy result. Use a nourishing body butter throughout the winter immediately after the shower. Its thicker structure compared to body lotions, will nourish your skin deeply, reducing the damage caused by cold air.


Nourishing Body Butter with Avocado Oil

Body Butter for Dry & Cracked Skin

Aloe+Colors Be Lovely Shower Gel









Do not skip the exfoliation once or twice a week. By removing dead cells from our skin, we encourage the young ones to regenerate it, so that it looks more delicate and more radiant! Use a clean and soft towel to wipe the moisture away and never miss your moisturizing cream. It is the food of your skin, especially during the winter time, when the freezing air leaves it dry and irritated.


Aloe+Colors Just Natural Body Butter

Anti-Cellulite Body Scrub

Propolis Exfoliation Shower Gel









Eat properly following a diet rich in minerals and vitamins that will keep your body and skin healthy. Do not avoid the “good” lipids of olive oil and nuts! They are the key ingredient of the epidermis that prevents it from drying out enhancing its shine and elasticity.


Mortar & Pestle made by Cretan Olive Wood

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0.2 – 1Lt metal

Green Olive Spread (paste)









Finally, keep the temperature of your room at an average level. Too high or too low temperature dehydrates skin, face & hair.

Tip! Make sure you always have with you your hand cream and a nourishing product for your lips!


Beeswax Balm for Lips & Dry Skin

Silky Lip Balm with Pomegranate Extract

Moisturizing Hand Cream Rich in Vitamins









! AND ! Do not forget to love your body and …Smile!!

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