Lemon Verbena Organic Tea -20gr

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Lemon Verbena, known by botanical experts under the romantic name of Aloysia Citrodora, is one of our favorite teas. This organic, handpicked mix has a crisp, zingy flavor, and is bursting with natural healing properties. Citrus lovers will be amazed by its lemon aroma!

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The amazing herb with origins from Latin America

Our organic Lemon Verbena tea is heaven in a cup for those who enjoy drinking citrus teas. You can drink it on its own, or combine it with malotira and chamomile for a soft, floral flavor.

This tingling, tasty lemon verbena tea is naturally caffeine-free and boasts many potent healing properties. There’s a good reason the Spanish and Portuguese brought it over in the 17th century! The potential medicinal properties of Lemon Verbena include antipyretic, diuretic, and antibacterial effects.

Its potent antioxidant compounds will boost your body and add to your daily well-being routine!

Emphasis on quality

Our beautifully made Lemon Verbena herbal tea is certified organic, ensuring care and quality are maximized from tea picking to tea drinking. Though delicious herbal tea is what we do, we are proud to say we take responsibility for our ecological footprint.

Carefully selected leaves of lemon verbena (Aloysia citrodora) are naturally dried and packed in two packages of 12g and 3g. Its double-sealed package is certified for food ensures that your tea will remain fresh and tasty! The package comes with a zip for easy opening and closing, while its citrus flavors (lemon aroma) remain intact.

Εnjoy it as you wish

However you choose to have it, hot or cold, we highly suggest you enjoy your organic Lemon verbena tea in a calm, relaxing environment to maximize its anti-stress and-anti-anxiety effects!

Tempted by our tantalizing herbal tea? We are very pleased of being able to offer you one of our favorite herbal teas.

Therapeutic Effects

Lemon Verbena tea besides its amazing citrus flavor, is also known for its therapeutic attributes. Its medicinal properties include,

1. Acts as an antibacterial
2. Helps to fight fungal infections like Candida
3. Helps to soothe and calm the stomach
4. Contains potent antioxidant compounds, including verbascoside, nerol, geraniol, and citral
5. Acts as a diuretic (passing urine well and often)
6. Acts as an antipyretic (reduces fever)
7. Helps to quell stress and anxiety

Although it is not a medicine, and should not be treated like one, this amazing herb has a lot to offer to your body and well-being.

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20 gr (20 cups), 5gr (5 cups)


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